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Behind the Curtains (Political)
Posted 3 years ago by

When we were making our ally at the begining of the the server we didn't knew that the whole world would have to deal with our owerhelming power... but as you all know no ally bound lasts forever! Neither Telletubbies do!

We all knew that India and Croatia will dominate the server from the very first day because we had too much friends on our side so it was really hard to fight them. There were made secret deals between our countries about splitting the world and in the end fight against each other. Perhaps all things changed after I got elected as President in Croatia and King Ptaku assured himself that he could go for the regions of the United Kingdom. It's true that he had a deal with our last CP GrgaVLP durig the Sailor week but he didn't made his turn nor attacked Brazil to get his HIGH OIL. So the both presidents don't talk or coordinate with each other due to this border problem about conquering UK and let India grow bigger in order they accomplish their goals on the start of the server.

We all were able to list their chan channels where they were provocating and calling about to wipe the world, sending supplies to their bellowed country Poland and of course destroying all friends and good relationships they had. They said they don't care. They trying to heal their wunds and frustrations from the previous servers where they always been on the loosing side wiped by other dominat countries. So this is their last shot to try accomplish the world domination by their cheap words, provocations and brainwashing when their King of Clowns wrote that Croatia seeking for its worlwipe only to hide their true intentions.

Regarding to that cheap mindplays.... I'll reveal you what was happening behind the curtains as we talked about plans and next dows from both sides.

As we were on our ally channel we were mostly doing some fun and trying to keep always an update about our next moves. Croatia wanted only Brazil to get more out of their economy and to be prepared for the final showdown against India but India wanted more and more. While they were still busy against USA they wanted to go on Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom and later to go on Algeria in order to take their frustations because refugia against Critical and later on Croatia wiping the whole world.

The server was dying in their activity and everyone was pushig the both CP to make the final war. Our supply was only getting bigger so we didn't wanted that strong and active countries like the USA die. So Croatia sent few times small stock so they can keep their activity and keep them still in the game. After their last hope died their great leader Shurdy imigrated into india and betrayed our generousity where Croatia was providing them help and tried too lock them down. Unfortunately India got all screenshots of our donations to USA org and they announced war.

I changed Croatian politics in a big way by looking for friends and not making from friends enemies so we closed our war against Brazil and the big war came where the Indian people follow their Leader that they hit against Croatia so they can fullfit their plans by destroying their strongest opponent. In that order I'm making and open callout into the wrold:

Citizens of all world stand up against Greed
stand up against Complex of lesser value
stand up against someones frustrations where they only want to enjoy the game for themselfs

Citizens of all world Unite! Unite for few Months against the same enemy!
Croatia want take anything more after we destroy india nad push them where they belong...
We will give big help in the world so we can free the fallen nations!
If we get more regions only because pushing the enemy away we'll leave it all free later when we fullfit our mission of landing this aerplane!

Don't let em be like USA and go on their side, show you pride!

In that order you can write me Ingame or you can find under my account where you can find me to talk with me how to organise about this enemy and to pick up the details how should it all work to get your fighting suplies.

We Provide to all of our Allies which don't have their economy or production:

Full suplies - No matter on your limits
Guidance throught important plans and info all day long
A lot of fun!

For other brothers and sisters which have their production:
we'll provide them supplies for medkits and other kind of supplies what they need

example if you don't produce enough wep for your soldiers we'll give you wep or other.


and the story made in one picture:

All regards to Cahir Mawr Dyffryn aep Ceallach

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